Simple PHP based Pastebin clone

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Very simple pastebin clone written in PHP

Author: Joe Robinson

Source code of http://p.of.je


This is a simple web site where you can paste text and access it via a browser. Just go to http://p.of.je, type/paste text into the form, and press submit. It will then take you to a page with your text on a page with a short URL.

It an also be used with pastebinit , which should be available in the package managers of most Linux distros. After installing pastebinit, copy the p.of.je.conf file into /usr/share/pastebin.d

Pastebinit can then be used with with the option -b p.of.je, e.g -

df -h | pastebinit -b http://p.of.je

This will copy the output of df -h to http://p.of.je, then return the URL where it can be viewed.

You can set up your own instance of this on any HTTP server running PHP.



  • PHP (Tested with 5.5, assumed to work with any recent version)
  • An HTTP Server (Tested with Apache 2.2)


  • Clone this repository into a directory
  • Configure your HTTP server so that the directory can be accessed via a browser
  • Ensure the HTTP server has write access to the directory
  • Navigate to the directory in your browser, then follow the usage instructions above